Question of the Day: What was your “Christmas Carry”?

Christmas Carry

Merry Christmas to all those to whom it applies, and to those of you whom it doesn’t as well. I can Christmas wishes to most anyone of good cheer, who will accept it in the spirit of Peace and Goodwill in which it is meant. For those who were celebrating today, or this month for that matter, what was your “Christmas Carry”?

Was it something new?

My children each received their very first knife of their own. The each got a Mora Eldris in their stocking. Ironically, my blue one was not available for a family photo. It was last seen opening Amazon boxes which had been shipped from the North Pole. I didn’t look to hard, but it wasn’t in its usual spot on top of the fridge where it had been loaned to my children for apple-slicing duty and the like.


Was it something with tradition or maybe a little classier than a typical EDC?

I carried my 50 year old Primble Stockman to Christmas Eve Mass last night. I liked the smaller blade in the well-fitting dress khakis. I thought a pocket clip would spoil one of the dozen or so nights a year I am dressed in more than jeans or cotton shorts.


Was it something practical and good for opening blister packaging and other Christmas morning tasks?

I spent most of the day carrying my Boker Plus Kalashnakov auto. I think a wharncliffe blade is ideal for these tasks as it spears the packaging easily or slips through the tethers holding a toy to the cardboard backing. My Boker is razor sharp, and being an auto, it has the added bonus of making my mother-in-law flinch when I opened it each time it was called into service.

I love her dearly, but it is sometimes fun to tweak people a bit.


That is about it for today from a knife perspective. I will be back in full force in the coming days.

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good-Night.





  1. HandyDan says:

    I carried my usual Boker AK47 in S30V for the 13 hours I spent at work.

  2. Roger says:

    Christmas eve: Boker Plus Tech Tool City 1
    Christmas day: DPx HEST/F Urban Titanium

  3. Sam L. says:

    Kershaw Zing and Opinel #8.
    I went to the USNI Blog; didn’t find the Mattis story.

  4. Ooppa says:

    A Victorinox Spartan, used multiple times to open gifts, and to Mac Gyver a couple of things.

  5. cmeat says:

    xday was a 16hr workday so i grabbed the m390 dividend.

    i gifted the boy a bali song bottle opener. if he gets his ~weight~ up i’ll get him an edged one.
    i’m told that the brother in law found the berry chef’s knife and sliced the tenderloin with it. i had just stropped it after i removed the “silver” before seasoning. i heard the beef was yummy.

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Question of the Day: What was your “Christmas Carry”?

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