Question of the Day: Is it a Hobby?

My new toy- err, tool. Todd Begg Field Grade Bodega

My new toy- err, tool. Todd Begg Field Grade Bodega

It’s something we’ve all been asked. “Why do you have so many knives?” “Don’t you just need one?” “I wouldn’t spend more than $10 on a knife because it’s stupid.” Sure, you don’t really need an expensive knife to slice some cardboard, but it makes us happy (at least me). So why do we do it? At least for me, it’s my hobby. Between school and work I don’t have much time to do anything. I used to play hockey weekly, shoot regularly, and camp/hike once a month. Now it’s rare that I do those things. Knives give me a certain enjoyment. Saving up for something awesome gives me something to strive for. Playing with a great flipper keeps me occupied. I marvel at the engineering of them, especially the full customs I have. The technical information is interesting to me (and sometimes detrimental to my school). But even more important than those reasons is the fact that they get used. From my Spydercos to my custom Elishewitz Scout, they will be in my pocket at work, no exceptions. They don’t sit around collecting dust like stamp collections do. They are useful tools.

Please put your thoughts below.


  1. Andrew Colglazier says:

    I collect knives for enjoyment and use. I have a small ranch, and I like to use my choppers for clearing brush and my folders for any small tasks.

  2. B says:

    Glad I inspired you to write today…. And I will concede that by dictionary definition you do indeed have a hobby. Definitely think that something that actually involves doing something, rather than just collecting things should be considered a hobby but hey… Whatever floats your ducky eh?

  3. TerryWarlock says:

    I’d say it’s a hobby that closely borders on obsession sometimes, depending on what facet of knives you’re currently hooked on.

    Unlike guns, which most people can only collect or shoot or some combo of the two, knives have a lower bar of entry on both cost and creation – yet knives have an incredible depth of information that belies it’s ease of entry. You seem to learn the lay of the knife world but then there’s a new steel, method of heat treat, style of make (flippers seem to be king lately), and then there are the art knives which are a world all their own.

    Most hobbys don’t allow the layman to explore nearly every tiny aspect of the their hobby, depending on their initiative and interest, but knives have that perfect combination of history, utilitarian function, wide/interesting variety, hardcore nerd knowledge for the aficionados, ease of entry for the layman (including making your own! Knives bring out the latent craftsperson in everyone), warm and welcome community, collectability (Case is brilliant on this front), and a fair number of interesting and colorful celebrities.

    This is a long and rambling way of saying that yeah, knives are a hobby, but often become something more for a lot of people who decide to dive just a little deeper after buying their first blister pack knife at Wally-World. I mean, knives are way cooler and more useful than collecting stamps or obsessing over the latest tech thingie that will be obsolete in two years, so the last thing any knife person should have to do is justify their “thing” that they’really into. Everybody’s got a “thing”, most are way dumber and less useful at the end of the day :p

  4. TerryWarlock says:

    Good lord that’s a long post, sorry.

    That’s a gorgeous flipper btw, can we get some knife port shots of it?

  5. sean says:

    I definitely think that knives are a hobby for most people that have several of them, read about them, see what’s new in the world, etc.

    a lot of people don’t get it, but im cool with that 😀

  6. Curtis says:

    Clay – is that the 3.5 inch Bodega? It just looks bigger in your pic but I wasn’t sure if he made a larger option. Very nice! Hope you will be doing a review at some point!

    1. Nathan says:

      Mine, not Clay’s. I believe it’s 3.875. All the Bodegas are the same length, except the Beggatti which is bigger. You might be thinking the Glimpse, which it a smaller friction folder, but I’m not sure on the size of those

    2. Nathan says:

      Just checked. They’re 3.75″. I also have small hands, which make them appear bigger

  7. Curtis says:

    Thanks for the info Nathan – I’m adding the Compound Grind version to my wish list!

  8. Chas says:

    No one gets to decide what I “need” except me.

  9. TheBear says:

    I am getting my custom Carrillo in the mail this week. I think I may do an article on it. 🙂

    Not quite an obsession but definitely a hobby.

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Question of the Day: Is it a Hobby?

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