Question of the Day: Motorcycle Tool Roll Knife?


Novelty motorcycle knife from Not what our reader is looking for.

Reader Matt D writes:

“I’m building out a motorcycle tool roll and I want to include a knife for any random purposes that arise.  I was going to go with a Buck 110 – tried and true – but then wanted to reach out to you to see if there was any single (or a couple of) knife that you’d recommend.”

He told me that he is already packing a multitool, and still would like to include a traditional blade in the kit. Since he mentioned the venerable Buck 110, I am going to assume he is looking for a folder.

This is a shame since I was going to suggest a stainless Mora Companion. You can abuse the heck out of it, and it will keep coming for more. Regardless, I think my personal requirements for the roll/role are stainless steel and a more robust build than average. Maybe my Cold Steel Mackinac Hunter would work for this application. I keep mine in my truck and it is more than up for whatever it has encountered thus far.

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My Cold Steel Mackinac Hunter might be a good choice. Stainless steel and above-average robustness. What do you think would be a good knife for a motorcycle tool roll?

What knife would you chose for a motorcycle tool roll and why?





  1. Dogman says:

    Buck 110 is a good choice for general use. A smaller alternative would be the 112 Ranger. It’s just a smaller, handier 110 that can be pocket carried much more easily. You really can’t go wrong with either of these knives.

    There’s a plethora of low priced but high quality knives out there that would also fill the bill if you don’t mind the more trendy tactical features common to such. Most are Chinese or Taiwanese, the best are imported by reputable American cutlery companies and use decent steel like 7CR13MoV and AUS8A. Look at the Ontario Utilitac II, Kershaw Cryo II, Spyderco Tenacious, ESEE’s Zancundo and others I’m not aware of. I think all of them are in the same general price range of the Buck models. Kershaw has a couple of nice USA-made models that don’t cost a fortune: the Blur and the Knockout. Again, they lean toward the tacticool school but they seem to get good reviews from their users.

  2. knightofbob says:

    I, too would lean toward a fixed blade. Though a Mora would be nice, or something like a mini Ka-Bar, they might take up a little too much room. One I’ve personally been intrigued by, but haven’t handled personally or seen much about, is the Boker Plus Pilot Survival Knife. Still might be a little big.

    I’ve noticed a lot of companies offering variations on the “bird and trout” knife. They might not be best for heavy duty tasks, but the blade shapes usually seem up to general tasks. In addition, the handles tend to be slim. I’ve always thought of them as an option for fixed blade utility knife where space is a factor.

    There are far too many options for folder for me to name just one. I’m an unapologetic Benchmade fan, but I also like CRKT for folders on a budget. I knew a Marine who swore by a CRKT M-16 that had been with him on multiple deployments. I guess it really depends on what you’re looking to spend.

  3. J- says:

    I’m with you on the Mora. But if he is thinking a Buck 110, my suggestion is to go down to Walmart and find the cheapest name brand folder (Camillus, CRKT, SOG, etc) that has a blade length in the 3.5-4 inch range. Also, the Buck 110 is unreasonable heavy.

    I don’t say that to be insulting. The 110 has a 420HC blade, with is pretty standard for low cost name brand folders. Stepping up to something with a 12C27 or AUS-8 blade would be an improvement. In all, they are still medium carbon stainless steels, and will perform as such. But as a tool roll knife, it’s not going to be used a whole lot, most likely only in emergency situations. I wouldn’t invest a whole lot of money in a knife that is going to ride around in a saddle bag and hardly ever get used.

  4. Mark says:

    Another thought for a tool roll knife is a SAK.
    There are several models that could fill the role. I would look at the larger, locking knives, something like the Vic One Handed Trekker or the (pricier) Dual Pro One Hand.
    A smaller, locking option: Wenger Evolution S18

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Question of the Day: Motorcycle Tool Roll Knife?

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