Question of the Day: What is your knife-wish from Santa?


Dear Santa: I would like a one of a kind knife made from a WWII German battleship.

I have been good this year, though probably not $2000-knife good. But on the off chance that Santa is feeling particularly generous, I would love a one-of-a-kind Gaston knife made from steel-plating from the WWII German battleship Tirpitz.

Gaston J Glock, the son of the famous gun company founder, has struck out on his own after 25 years in the family business. His company, Gaston, makes hunting and shooting apparel, packs and gear, and most recently, knives. Along with the Tirpitz series, there are knives from a Leopard tank, or even from gun barrels from Glock champion shooter Dave Sevigny or a Eurofighter airplane. You can read more about them here,

I got to handle these knives at the Blade Show, and they are every bit as beautiful in person. What makes them truly special though is that when you hold one, you are holding history. Not in the sense of handling a custom Randall or other pedigreed knife, but literally in the case of Tirpitz series, you are holding history itself.

That brings me back to my Question of the Day:

If Santa were picking up the tab, what would be your Christmas knife-wish?

or if you haven’t been that good, what more common knife would you like to find in your stocking?


  1. dph says:
    Sebenza by Chris Reeve, but this is not likely with a $700+ price tag, So I got a $30 CRKT Obake instead and I’ll actually use the CRKT too.

    1. cmeat says:

      this led me to an obake review which led me to a swindle review, which i want.

  2. I have a Doug Ritter RSK Mk2 on my list. It is one of the last two I need to round out my collection of Ritters. All I’ll need after that is the CRKT RSK Mk5 and I’ll have one of all of his knife designs, including the Lone Wolf/Paul-lock collaboration!

    The RSK Mk2 is a Ritter blade shape with the Becker handles, and made by Rowen Manufacturing, the same guys who make the ESEE blades, so you know the quality will be tops.

    If Santa is picking up the tab though, how about another of the Lone Wolf Ritters so I won’t have to feel guilty if I actually use one of them lol!

    1. Jon M. says:

      The RSK Mk2 is seriously awesome as heck, the only thing that would make it perfect for me is if it had the new clear-coating applied vs the powder coat.

  3. aircooledTOM says:

    This is an easy one….

    Want rockstead anything. Just beautiful. I don’t love their fixed blade stuff, but I would love to own one of their folders.

    or this if santa is not feeling as generous

    1. cmeat says:

      this led me to the bark river grind- in primer. very intriguing…

  4. stuartb says:

    Wish – Big Chris Custom Hiker
    Deserve – paper cut!

  5. James in AZ says:

    Spartan Blades V14 with a handle 1″ longer

  6. Jon M. says:

    My Christmas Blade Dream would either be the Becker Reinhardt Kukri (drool)

    or, a Carter Cutlery Gyuto

    Santa, can you hook a knife nerd up?

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Question of the Day: What is your knife-wish from Santa?

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