Question Of The Day: What’s Your Favorite Slasher-Flick Weapon?

Freddy Glove

With Halloween heading our way, I thought I’d take a survey of our edgy cognoscenti and find our favorite horror movie edged weapons? Michael likes knives, Freddy has his glove, and Jason seemed fond of axes.

Anything goes here, as long as it has an edge and isn’t propelled by gunpowder. Even pinhead’s flying meathooks.


  1. Zach says:

    Do zombie flicks count as slashers (even though the good guys are slashing). If so I like Glenn’s Gerber machete from The Walking Dead. If not then you can’t go wrong with Freddy Krueger’s hand pictured above.

    1. JaredFromTampa says:

      Maggie’s Gerber Parang is pretty nifty, but if we’re talking The Walking Dead, Michonne’s sword would probably take the edged coolness cake.

  2. Bob says:

    Sentinel Spheres
    Used in the Phantasm movies by the Tall Man, not sure if these are really slasher flicks.

  3. jwm says:

    Whatever Danny Trejo is using to chop up the other guys with at that moment.

  4. Roger says:

    The Buck 119 appears in almost a dozen slashers.

  5. David says:

    I am being a nerd and “that guy” in one here – but . . .

    The Elm Street franchise is not in the slasher genre but rather fantasy horror 🙂 So w/ my jerkness & geekness out of the way:

    Jason Voohees is the ultimate slasher weapon. He is a woodsman he has an array of melee and ranged tools. Machete, bow (plus arrows), an ax, and bare hands have been used (I am sure I am missing something). O, and he will even kill the handicapped.

    1. jwm says:

      Well, in a way those slasher/horror fantasy movies require the handicapped to succeed. It’s not that the killers are all that proficient, but the victims, for the most part, lack any higher brain functions or they wouldn’t be that easy to kill.

  6. JoshtheViking says:

    The Spyderco Harpy that Hannibal Lecter used. Plus, Pinhead’s barbed chains get an honorable mention.

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Question Of The Day: What’s Your Favorite Slasher-Flick Weapon?

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