Question of the Day: Which is the worse media obfuscation?


Is the media hiding the DGU and Islamic angles of the Oklahoma beheading?

There are so many angles to the Oklahoma jihadi beheading, it is hard to list them all. Obviously, the perpetrator’s weapon of choice was a knife. A couple of weeks ago a kid in Nebraska killed his mom with a hammer before killing himself with carbon monoxide. It doesn’t matter. Fetishizing the tool a psychopath chooses misses two much larger issues that the Government and Media find inconvenient to their chosen narratives.

They are already calling the incident workplace violence, despite the evidence to the contrary. I am not saying that this guy was a full blown Al Qaeda operative. At most I expect he might have exchange an email or two with a radical Imam of note. He converted to Islam in prison, and his views were becoming darker and clearly illustrate his siding with Islamists against America. I am not saying that if he hadn’t been fired from his job that he would have committed the attack yesterday. I am saying that it looks like this guy would have done something at some point, and if someone like company COO Mark Vaughan were not there to stop it, the death toll would be much worse.

from “No Evidence Oklahoma Beheading Linked to Terrorism, Police Say”:

“In recent weeks, several Westerners have been beheaded by terrorists aligned with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has called for Muslims to carry out similar attacks around the world.

Moore police said there is no evidence that the attack was inspired by any similar events in the Middle East or by religious fundamentalism. However, the FBI is looking into Nolen’s background, including statements by some of his co-workers who said Nolen had tried to convert them to Islam.”

This guy was not a terrorist mastermind, but to downplay the role that Islam played in this and other acts of terrorist violence is like denying the role alcohol plays in campus sexual assault. Plenty of folks have gone postal. This waste of life beheaded his victim because he saw it as a holy mission. You can wish inconvenient facts away, but that doesn’t change the reality.

Much of the media has also tried to spin the fact that a CCW holder stopped the killing. Many stories, such as the MSNBC one quoted above, bend over backward to act like the perp was ventilated by law enforcement. They buried this in the final paragraph:

“It should be noted this off-duty deputy definitely saved Traci’s life,” Sgt. Lewis told reporters. “This was not going to stop if he didn’t stop it. So I mean we are looking at him. He is obviously a hero in this situation. It’s very tragic that someone did lose their life but this could have gotten a lot worse. This guy was definitely not going to stop, he didn’t stop until he was shot.”

I agree that COO Vaughan is a hero. But he was a Reserve Deputy according to several reports. Not to minimize his civic involvement, but reserve Deputies typically lack many law enforcement powers, and mostly serve in traffic capacity in special events or to augment foot patrols at county fairs and the like. He was acting in a private capacity as an Officer of his Company, not a Law Enforcement Officer. He had his personal CCW, and acted heroically and saved lives.

Those are my thoughts this evening on this horrible event. I hope that his associates in the facebook photo where he is flashing the ISIS hand sign get the full anal probe treatment, though I completely lack the confidence that they will. Life will march on. At some point the perpetrator of another terrorist attack will have infiltrated from abroad, because we are too busy busting teenage bagpipers to look for the terrorists. And the media will continue to ignore the fact that in virtually every case, the only way to stop a rampage in progress is with judicious marksmanship.

Which of these media obfuscations is worse?

Open thread for anything remotely related to this situation as well.



  1. AW1Ed says:

    Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a knife- hard to spin this, so they’ll just try to not report it.

  2. Papoy says:

    By the reasoning in the cartoon, then Christian Identity is Christian and we shouldn’t ignore the role of Christianity in the white supremacy movement.

  3. I fully stipulate that many supremacist groups couch their ideology in a warped interpretation of Christianity. However, they do not have the support of upwards of 90% of Christians throughout the world. Imposing sharia law has that kind of street level support throughout the Muslim world.

    They also do not enjoy state-level support from enemies such as Iran, or “allies” like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or the UAE

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Question of the Day: Which is the worse media obfuscation?

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