Quote of the Day: If it had only been a pressure-cooker…


Americans were allowed to unite after the Boston Bombing, because no one is afraid of a pressure-cooker.

“After 9/11 and the Boston Bombings, Americans grieved together and comforted each other. They resolved to fight their attackers as one nation. Insofar as there was partisan dissension, it was mostly contained to cranks on either side. But the attacks at San Bernardino and Orlando have yielded an altogether different response, dominated by hostility, mistrust, and outrageous partisan attacks. Part of this is because the latter two attacks took place during a hotly-contested election season that has brought fevered populism to the fore on both sides of the aisle. But perhaps the most important reason Americans have been divided, rather than united, in the face of terror over the last year is simply because the terrorists elected to kill their victims with bullets. If Omar Mateen had planted Tsarnaev-style pressure-cooker bombs in the crowded Pulse nightclub on Saturday night, he may well have claimed just as many casualties. But the attack would not have immediately set off a political firestorm over gun control.” – Jason Willick “How to tear a nation apart”

We in the 2a community are hurting. I would argue even more so than most people who do not actually have a personal connection to those directly affected by the Orlando attack. That is because while any human of conscience is horrified, the media and civilian-disarmament complex immediately directed their incoming (figurative) fire squarely at the overwhelming number of gun-owners who had nothing whatsoever to do with the attack. By coming after the guns that we use to protect our families from the very people who are actually the danger, they have made this intensely personal for us. Instead of being able to grieve like any normal person would we are forced to compartmentalize those feelings and gird ourselves for a conflict affects us in a very real and tangible way. If we lose this fight, we lose something real. We lose the very tools that we count on to keep our families from experiencing the very loss that those who lost their loved ones and friends in the Pulse nightclub did.

If the self-loathing sexually-conflicted jihadi had only used a pressure cooker, a knife, a firebomb, baseball bat, or any other lethal weapon we would not be having this conversation. We would be allowed to go about our lives, quietly mourning the loss of so many of our fellow citizens. Instead we find ourselves in a fight we cannot lose.

Sod them. I will not surrender my God-given and inalienable right to defend my family. Mount up folks.


  1. PeterK says:

    Well said. Totally agree. I fight with words, as civilly as possible, but still I fight. War is already here.

  2. Jake says:

    While the killing of 50 people is horrific on US soil, it does not justify trying to disarm/limit/restrict 100+ million responsible gun owners.

    1. Sam L. says:

      It does to Lefties.

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Quote of the Day: If it had only been a pressure-cooker…

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