Quote of the Day: Is the media coming around?

“We see it all the time, I’ve had all kinds of people being accused of having a dangerous weapon, and you go, ‘What weapon?’ And you look at what was classified as the weapon and you have to laugh.” – Barbara Arnwine 

Barbara Arnwine is Executive Director of the Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights Under Law. She goes on to say that knife charges are often a form of “packing the case” for minority defendants who often end up charged with weapons offenses following nothing more than a “probable cause” search.


The quote is from the AP article “Across US knife laws can differ by state, city, even town“. and comes complete with additional quotes from Doug Ritter and AKTI’s Jan Billeb.

While none of this is breaking news to TTAK readers, it is just the latest example of common sense breaking through in the normally hoplophobic mass media. We have talked about the Village Voice and their coverage of NYC’s Knife-law insanity. The Christian Science Monitor asked “Should it really be illegal to carry a knife in the city?“. NPR has run pieces that are surprisingly knife-friendly. A piece like this in the AP reaches an extremely wide audience and can only help the knife rights movement continue its gains.

There has been great debate all over the media as to whether or not Freddie Gray’s knife was legal. But the debate itself highlights just how ridiculous situation is. Knife laws are anachronistic and pointless. People are starting to notice.


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  1. Spencer says:

    To be sure, “common sense” is an important issue in this debate, but I wonder how much grief could be avoided if this country could see the value in having one national law dealing with knives, guns, concealed carry, etc.. Of course states’ rights people wouldn’t approve of this idea, but it might add some needed clarity (e.g., if conceived with the 2nd Amendment protections in mind) to the hodgepodge of often contradictory laws our citizens “enjoy.”

    1. Hogarth K says:

      How do you know that one national law would be one you like? What do you do if it’s modelled on more restrictive state laws than of those of a more permissive state? Personally, for all its quirks, I like the freedom to move to a state that I find more agreeable to my beliefs.

  2. no one says:

    I got another one: harmonize gun laws at airports. Too many people arrested for lawfully checked guns in luggage that transit through airports in gun unfriendly states.

  3. MutinousDoug says:

    Probably not totally relevant these days but when I DEROSed from RVN in 1971, I stayed a few weeks with a college friend in San Francisco before heading home (to Anchorage, AK). One day we went to Golden Gate Park to walk around and were rousted by two motor bike cops; I was carrying a Buck 110 in my pocket. The cop who found it told me as he carved his initials in the handle that if I had worn it on my belt in it’s holster, it would have been no violation. The citation described it as a “dirk” and I got to spend the weekend in the SF Ministry of Justice jail before the judge, on Monday, threw the case out while confiscating the “weapon”. Thanks, SFPD

    1. Penrod says:

      MutinousDoug, you obviously got what you deserved for thinking you lived in the Land of the Free, where the 2nd Amendment explicitly prohibits prohibitions on bearing weapons. Silly you.

  4. derfel cadarn says:

    Any physically fit individual with a hammer, screwdriver or even monkey wrench is a dangerous individual, where does the line get drawn ? When does the act instead of the object go back to being the crime ?

  5. Interesting that the news media (here NPR) and their liberal allies haven’t seemed to have had much problem with knife laws when they’ve hindered the lives of ordinary people who’re highly unlikely to use them violently. No, it’s only when such people have discovered that the laws are also used, disproportionately or not, to disarm precisely the group, young, inner-city black males, who are most likely to use those knives to kill other young, inner-city black males.

    That comes quite close to suggesting that liberals view those sky-high murder rates of young black males by other young black males as something to be covertly encouraged, that they see it a form of post-natal abortion. Where the surgeon’s knife has failed, another knife will serve as well.

    Never forget that eugenics was a remains a progressive cause and that the foremost champion of legalized abortion in the late 1960s was the president of Planned Parenthood-World Population, Dr. Alan Guttmacher and that Dr. Guttmacher was also the former vice-president of the American Eugenics Association.

  6. Peter says:

    The vast majority of laws serve only one purpose, giving power to the State.
    Annoy it at tour own peril.

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Quote of the Day: Is the media coming around?

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