Quote of the Day: Someone’s going to shoot the clown

Creepy Clown copycats are springing up all over the nation. There have been cases in almost a dozen states of which I am aware, now they have reached the small town of Tchula, Miss. Their Police Chief Kennth Hampton has a warning for the perpetrators:

“I am more afraid for the clown than I am for the citizens because pretty much everyone here has shotguns,” Chief Kenneth Hampton told WAPT News last week. “The bottom line is, if he’s running around with a sword or a machete, he’s subject to get shot in this area.”

From PJMedia:

The chief, who has actually seen the clown for himself, is baffled. “I still don’t understand,” he said. “I think it is some type of trend. He added, “It is basically a bunch of idiots running around in clown suits without any regard for their life.”

Hampton says he has received several complaints in the past week about people dressed in creepy clown outfits terrorizing people who live in the community.

Eyewitness Kajarius Johnson said, “I stopped for a minute — and girl — I had to look and see if he was really real!”  Johnson told WAPT he dialed 911 and said, “I need allthe deputies out. I’m talking about ALL because the clowns are in Tchula!” He also told WAPT that he has seen clowns in his neighborhood with guns. “The clown that we saw walking along the [railroad] tracks — he had a gun in his hand,” he said.

The no-nonsense police chief described the subject he saw during a recent patrol. “He had on coveralls, some old coveralls and an Afro wig with multi colors — ya know, like the clowns wear — and something over his face,” he said.

Hampton added he couldn’t believe what he was seeing at first, but noticed that the clown was wielding “a sword or a machete” which he found somewhat alarming. Unfortunately, the clown fled on foot in the direction of some apartments and managed to evade arrest.


We previously brought you a story of one clown that got shanked in a prank gone wrong. Tragic though it might be, it is only a matter of time before one of these idiots does get killed. Watch how fast the copycats dry up when someone finally claims their Darwin Award.


  1. me says:

    Blast the clowns if they come to a neighborhood near you. Bonus if the clowns got a machete DOUBLE BONUS if the clowns gotta gun! I wish I would run across one of these fools in my neighborhood, I really will drop hammer on that stupid fuck.

  2. stuartb says:

    me – a bold statement that could make you look like the clown if you “drop hammer” and end up in court.

    1. Kingpowlarry says:

      I don’t know if that’s the case at all. If anyone charges me with a knife, machete or whatever I am considering it a life threat. I will demand them to stop before I pull the trigger, but if they don’t it’s natural selection. Too many crazy people to chance.

  3. Bnash says:

    Yeah, this is eerily reminiscent of the creep ass clown that ran around Tallahassee doing creepy things at night. They would also vandilise property. But that was several years back, and no one ever saw them in person that I know of.

  4. Hannibal says:

    How does a guy in a clown outfit manage to evade capture?

    1. Sam L. says:

      Clown shoes…cover a LOT of ground.

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Quote of the Day: Someone’s going to shoot the clown

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