Quotes of the Day: “Common-sense Knife-law reform”

commonsenseI was reading this article from the Brooklyn Eagle, describing how the NY Gravity-knife bill has unanimously passed the state Senate, and will hopefully soon be signed by Gov. Cuomo. There are 3 quotes that could in all honesty each stand alone. The first seems to be a tacit admission by the author that the very notion of tool prohibition does not actually stop anyone from carrying said tools.

Someday soon, that folding knife you’ve carried around in your pocket for years might actually become legal.

If someone is carrying a tool and not using it to commit an immoral act, they are guilty of an act of malum prohibitum that is to say an act that is illegal because the State deems it to be so, not because anyone has been harmed. If they have been an otherwise law-abiding citizen, they will likely return home without Imperial-entanglements and with no harm done to any individual or society. The problem lies when they might commit a minor traffic infraction such as an improper lane change and end up searched. Or in the case of NYC, if they are stopped-and-frisked – a travesty of 4th Amendment jurisprudence.

The article continues…

State Sen. Diane J. Savino (D-Brooklyn/Staten Island) and Assemblymember Dan Quart (D-Manhattan) announced on Wednesday that the Senate has passed what they referred to as “common-sense” gravity knife reform legislation.

The legislation will prevent the “needless arrest of thousands who use folding knives as tools,” the officials said in a release. The bill had previously passed the Assembly, and will now head to the Governor’s desk for signature.

The current law, which the officials called outdated, resulted in thousands of arrests of people possessing a common folding knife.

This one had me shaking my head. Explain this one to me. In one case it is “common-sense” to restrict common tools that are used by all but an infinitesimally small percentage of owners for lawful purposes. In another case, Democrats call it “common-sense” to repeal prohibitions on common tools that are used by all but an infinitesimally small percentage of owners for lawful purposes. In both cases said tools can be misused by sociopathic individuals to cause death, destruction, and mayhem.

This ties directly to my final quote(s):

He also noted that the Legislature affirmed that state laws should be enforced uniformly across the state. “If a knife is legal in Hamilton County, it should also be legal in New York County,” he said.

The bill would narrow the legal definitions of “switchblade knife” and “gravity knife” to ensure that the law’s original intent — to ban dangerous weapons — is upheld, while protecting the use of folding knives, the officials said.

Ok, the first half I agree with completely. It, like the fact that prohibitions do not prevent carry, are the only common-sense things that I read in this whole article – hence why I included it here. It is hardly worth expounding on the notion that laws ought to be applied equally across the state and to all citizens.

The second-half is pure derp and shows a complete lack of understanding of the argument on its face. The action of how a knife opens has no more bearing on the lethality of a knife than a collapsible stock, flash-suppressor, pistol-grip, or “shoulder-thingy that goes up” does on the lethality of a firearm.


  1. me says:

    I agree on that too. Both with regards to knives as well as guns too.

  2. Sam L. says:

    NYC is not noted for sanity. Same for governments.

  3. Herp says:

    Newish lurker here.

    While I like the idea of this blog, it seems a bit slow traffic-wise. Since there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of activity from readers I thought I’d share what I want to see.

    1: Antiques. Lesser known milsurp tools all the way back to classical antiquity and beyond. Give me photos of stone-age tech if you see it at a museum or something.

    2: Foreign stuff. Show me the knives of different cultures.

    3: Seen in the wild posts: if a knife is identified in photos from conflicts, workshops or adventures elsewhere, show it. Don’t force your own stories so much. I can’t believe that people outside this blog use knives so infrequently that they aren’t seen doing it from time to time.

    4: Knives in art: plenty of knives in Hollywood, old paintings, statues, etc. critique it.

    5: Variations on the theme: let’s see some chisels and saws. Show me similar implements and show me how they’re USED. A lot of time seems to be devoted to knife making here, and that’s cool, but readers are more likely to be mere users. Show me whittling, bushcraft, culinary use, whatever.

    I’d like to see this thing get momentum, but I believe the content may need some work. Maybe I just need to lurk more. Good luck folks.

  4. fishydude says:

    In the city of Boston, it is actually ILLEGAL to carry a Leatherman tool anywhere on one’s person or vehicle. Why? The city has decided that any knife with a blade longer than 2″ is an illegal deadly weapon.
    MA also tried to redefine an illegal ‘switch blade’ as being any knife that could be opened with one hand.

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Quotes of the Day: “Common-sense Knife-law reform”

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