The Real 007: Daniel Craig’s bodyguard saves Bond Girl from crazed fan

Bodyguard saves Bond Girl

Life imitates art? Daniel Craig’s bodyguard saved a former Bond girl from a knife-wielding fan in Italy.

From MirrorUK:

Muscular Mino Zangrando stepped in to protect the Italian actress while he was looking after her on a trip to Venice.

The crazed fan ran towards Monica – who played an enemy agent’s widow in the last 007 film Spectre – holding a blade and a love letter he said he wanted to read her.

Mino, 49, who is based in the Italian city fabled for its canals, said: “I had to act fast and drag him away. He got over-excited.

“In that moment you never know what is going to happen, it can be dangerous.”

The scare came just weeks after a similar incident in which Mino intervened to protect Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood from a “madman” who threw himself into his arms.

As well as being a bodyguard Mino is a personal trainer and has regularly worked with Bond actor Craig.

Not a ton to say about this one other than congrats on a job well done. This certainly doesn’t hurt Mr. Zangrando’s resume as a bodyguard.

As an aside, can anyone think of a good knife scene in a Bond film. There is some knife use in Octopussy, along with the buzz-saw yo-yo thing which was pretty gnarly. But he is better known for his gun prowess.


For those of you unfamiliar, check out Good Mythical Morning’s YouTube Channel. One of the funniest ones out there.


  1. Sam L. says:


  2. Mike L. says:

    Showing my age, but the best Bond film ever, From Russia With Love has a classic … knife in the briefcase, used in the railway car fight scene. Besest villian also in the guise of Robert Shaw ! Also Lotte Lenya playing Russian bad girl has that poisoned pig sticker in her shoe !!

    1. Mike L. says:

      Oh and btw Miss Lenya as a young singer warbled THE CLASSIC ICONIC KNIFE TUNE….Mack The Knife !!!

  3. Larry says:

    If the “bodyguard “ has to go hands on, he’s failed at his principal job of keeping the person insulated from such attacks .
    One reason why many of the top ones won’t work for celebrities ,they seek attention in the public and that makes doing the job a crap shoot at best .

  4. Michael Cox says:

    Daniel Craig is a douche bag, he has a bodyguard to carry the gun so his moral high ground is protected. But it isn’t. If he really believed guns were wrong, Daniel Craig would not have a bodyguard to begin with.

    That said, good job for this guy for being a man, unlike Daniel Craig, and doing what needed to be done.

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The Real 007: Daniel Craig’s bodyguard saves Bond Girl from crazed fan

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