Revolutionary War-era knife discovered at Michigan Park



MACKINAW CITY, MI – A Revolutionary War-era knife has been discovered at Colonial Michilimackinac.

Alexandra Connell, field supervisor at Mackinac State Historic Parks, found the 7.25-inch case knife in the rubble of a root cellars located in the former fort on the Straits of Mackinac. It’s the same location where a colonial lock and piece of trade silver were found this summer.

An 18th-Century crucifix was also found near the location in July.

Dr. Lynn Evans, curator of archaeology, said the knife’s origins date back to 1781 or older.

“It’s not a folding knife like most we find,” she said. “It could have fit into a sheath and is shaped like a butcher knife.  The blade is entirely intact but the handle is dismantled.”

The history-junkie in me eats this stuff up.  I hope as the kids get older I can get them out to do some volunteer archaeology work.

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Revolutionary War-era knife discovered at Michigan Park

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