Russian Sword-fighting League puts Mayweather/McGregor to shame

I don’t know how many of you are boxing fans, or who watched the fight last night (fan or not), but I figured I would throw an “open thread in the comments for those who wish to discuss.

I know little about the background of the above video, but it is pretty bad-ass. Not the most realistic combat sport, since slashing a blunt sword is not the optimal way to dispatch an armored opponent. But that is probably by design (duh!).


I am actually a boxing fan, my wife and I were married in Vegas the weekend of the Ruiz/Jones Jr. fight. We spent many evenings cooking dinner and watching Friday Night Fights or HBO back before we had children. I once bought a first edition of AJ Leibling’s The Sweet Science for my wife’s birthday. I still follow boxing more than casually.

So if anyone cares…

I was not surprised by the outcome. I found it entirely probable that Floyd would beat McGregor into an early stoppage, though I would have put the odds slightly in favor of Mayweather winning on points. (though the judge who only had McGregor winning Round 1 needs to be banned from judging a fight ever again). I didn’t think Floyd would knock-out-knock-out McGregor, while some form of KO was really only shot McGregor had of winning the fight.

I was surprised that McGregor gassed by the midpoint of the fight. I would assume the conditioning is somewhat similar having sparred Krav Maga and Boxing a little bit. I find both to be equally exhausting. While Connor’s punch output was certainly higher in this boxing match than an MMA fight, but throwing kicks is even more exhausting than punches. MMA fights are only 5 rounds, but they are 5 minutes. Each minute at full speed sparring feels like an eternity. I can’t imagine a real prize fight. Point is, I thought the fitness level would be more of a wash.

Floyd fought a smart fight, though I admit that I enjoyed seeing him eat more leather than in his typical bout. I have never been a fan of Mayweather, I dislike his penchant for ducking fighters in their prime. His out of the ring conduct is vile, and I basically have never had a use for him. But I have paid him my share of PPV money, both for the social aspects (usually a party or sports bar) and for my love of the sport. When my wife and I attended Ruiz/Jones Jr. we went for every undercard, and the arena was so empty that we were able to walk right up to both Max Kellerman and Bob Costas for photos.

The atmosphere of a Vegas Championship fight is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Someday I will go see another.

with my wife’s “TV boyfriend”, Max Kellerman




  1. Ze Kraggash says:

    In a boxing match, the referee is occasionally, accidently punched. The possibilities here are much more dire. No jumping in the middle to break up a clinch.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I’m guessing there are next to no rules once the fight starts.

  3. Jason says:

    Im going to go out on a limb and say they didnt make a combined 400+ million dollars for the fight?

  4. Chase M. says:

    I’d hate to see what a K.O. means in that ring!

  5. cmeat says:

    the local wanted $20 cover, so we wandered over to post 42. no charge, better prices and lots of elbow room.
    it was an entertaining bout, i was pleasantly surprised that it almost went the distance. did conor admonish the referee for not letting floyd sock him unconscious? he was done and they called it at the right time, unlike some of the last rap poundings you see in other non- boxing venues.
    a different outcome wouldn’t have proven anything (mcgregor might have gotten lucky with a ko); the individual trained specifically in the discipline observed took some licks, bided his time and stayed in it cautiously.
    for what it’s worth i enjoyed the small amount of showboating during the early rounds.
    i didn’t know the victor was such a dirtball outside the ring. love the “51” meme.

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Russian Sword-fighting League puts Mayweather/McGregor to shame

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