Samaritan Knife Use: Fisherman delivers 98 shark pups by C-Section

Shark C-Section

I have cut open plenty of fish in my time. I have been a professional fishing guide for the better part of 20 years. I usually cut up fish for dinner and to test knives I am reviewing. I have never done so in the performance of an emergency c-section the way this Australian fisherman recently did.

From DailyMailUK:

Mathew Orlov, 46 claims that the sevengill shark was already dead when he pulled it onto his boat off the coast of Victoria, Australia.

However when Matthew lay the shark on the deck of his boat he realised that its stomach was still moving.

He then performed an impromptu c-section on the mother shark in a bid to save the babies inside.

Mathew, from Geelong, can be seen in the clip removing each young shark from inside the mother and into the wild during the operation which lasted nine minutes.

Mathew, said: ‘As soon as she was on the boat we saw the seven bite marks from another shark.

‘I could feel threw the line when she was being attacked. As soon as we pulled it up I knew was mauled by another shark.

‘When I saw the belly moving, instinct kicked in. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve fishing long enough to know we needed to get the pups out as quickly as possible.

It was a very overwhelming feeling when they started popping out, I got this adrenaline rush. I was just dumbfounded there was so many, we counted 98.’

Although Mathew had never performed a c-section before he had heard stories from fellow fisherman.

After rescuing the young Matthew cooked and ate the shark however he added that he didn’t feel bad about doing so as he didn’t want the body to go to waste.

I’d say he deserves a pass. This was a responsible harvest, and Mathew more than balanced his karma with that whole circle of life thing.






  1. Sam L. says:

    I hope none of the pups bit him.

    1. Would that be “biting the hand that frees you?”

  2. Mathew Orlov says:

    So how about sending me some knives to try ??
    Thanks for the positive comments.
    Mathew Orlov.

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Samaritan Knife Use: Fisherman delivers 98 shark pups by C-Section

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