Are seedless avocados the answer to the infamous “Avocado Hand?”

seedless avocados

This is not from The Onion. In the latest example of how the British people cannot be trusted with sharp objects, a British retailer has begun to offer seedless avocados to cutdown on the explosion of  “avocado hand” injuries showing up in Her Majesty’s Emergency Rooms. Known as “cocktail avocados”, these 2-3 inch fruits look more like a demented cucumber and are imported from Spain.


According to an Instagram post from M&S itself, “It’s the avocado you never knew you needed.” That may be because the British press is promoting them as the answer to “avocado hand,” the name surgeons have given to the particular body of injuries sustained while pitting an avocado.

As avocados grow increasingly popular, more and more people are apparently cutting themselves. While there aren’t any official, global figures on how many people accidentally hurt themselves this way, anecdotal reports abound.

In the U.K., surgeons report increasing numbers of avocado-related injuries. And emergency rooms in London have reported surges in such accidents. “It’s a heavy price to pay for an Instagrammable brunch,” notes the Independent.

David Ward, president of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, tells NPR: ” ‘Avocado hand’ can result in surgery as a result of people causing serious nerve and tendon injuries. Such is the extent of this injury, it can require specialist reconstructive surgery, and at worse can leave you without full use of your hand, so it is a particularly concerning public health trend.”

Homely little things aren’t they?

I guess I can’t say too much as I currently have stitches in my hand from an accident last Thursday.


Of course, cutting yourself isn’t the only way you can be hurt with an avocado…

These things are a menace and need to be removed from the streets.



  1. cmeat says:

    way to “eliminate pitfalls.”
    right up there with the “burpless” cucumber.

    not an urban sombrero.

  2. Sam L. says:

    The obvious solution is to open an avocado with a karate chop.

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Are seedless avocados the answer to the infamous “Avocado Hand?”

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