Seems legit: Knife-wielding McDonalds patron claims it was to “cut a hamburger”

On one hand, someone minding their own business should not on principle need to justify possession of a tool to authorities, but this happened in the UK. No such protection exists. That said, it does sound like the knife was being brandished prior to the arrestees entering the restaurant.

From DevonLive:

A man who was spotted with a kitchen knife at a McDonalds told police he was using it to cut up a burger.

Officers were called to the fast food shop in the centre of Torquay after Charles Conaghan was seen carrying a weapon in the street outside it.

He was tracked to Union Street where police had to draw a taser before he agreed to be searched and the weapon was found in his pocket.

Conaghan, aged 29, of Lichfield Road, Torquay, admitted possession of a knife and personal possession of cannabis when he appeared at Exeter Crown Court.

The conviction put him at risk of going to jail sentence because he is in breach of a suspended sentence and he falls foul of the new ‘two strikes and you’re out’ knife laws.

I am inclined to believe Mr Conaghan (sarcasm font). I have used my personal EDC to cut my food at a restaurant. Never at McDonalds though.



  1. Brad Griffin says:

    Yep. I smell a little moo Poo in this guy’s alibi.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Would a plastic knife have gotten him in trouble? I’ve never found a burger tough enough to need cutting, though halfsies…

  3. cmeat says:

    creepier than a windowless van parked at night on a dead end street.

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Seems legit: Knife-wielding McDonalds patron claims it was to “cut a hamburger”

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