Shinola/Benchmade release 765 Ti collaboration.

I am not huge on paying a premium for cross branding on items unless I really like both companies. I do have an Orvis/Benchmade MiniGrip in my EDC rotation because it is one of the best ones out there, but I paid less than retail due to my connections to Orvis.

While I am not looking to buy the latest Benchmade/Shinola collaboration, the idea of exposing the millennial urban crowd to really cool EDC knives is something I want to support. And this one does have a few details and upgrades that justify the increase in price.

From Shinola:

In our second collaboration with Benchmade, we’ve partnered to create the 765 titanium pocket knife, offered in an exclusive colorway in black DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating with properties that boast extreme hardness and scratch resistance. The slim design fits well in a pocket, and the handle provides a comfortable grip in titanium that makes the pocket knife lightweight, super strong and corrosion resistant. Details include orange anodized spacers and thumb stud, a 3.24″ M390 steel blade and discreet Shinola branding, such as Shinola Detroit logo on the clip and signature lightning bolt on the butt of the knife. A durable flagship titanium folder and bearing washers provide an incredibly smooth, near-magic feel to the blade action.

Shinola in its original incarnation made shoe polish most notably. There used to be a phrase – “He doesn’t know shit from Shinola”. The name is now owned by a Detroit firm that is dedicated to restoring American manufacturing and sells everything from watches to bicycles to leather-goods.

The previous Benchmade/Shinola collaboration was on a special-edition 485 Valet. More of a classy knife than the tacti-cool 765 seen here.

(h/t Ammoland)


  1. Robert H says:

    Strange that they went with the M390 steel. Passing off Aus8 is more their style when you consider they pass off quartz movement watches as American luxury.

  2. Rick says:

    I bought a Shinola/Benchmade with wood scales a few years ago. The blade pivot wasn’t very smooth. Pretty disappointing.

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Shinola/Benchmade release 765 Ti collaboration.

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