Should have been a Defensive Knife Use


He picked on the wrong disarmed victim.

Really, it should have been a Defensive Gun Use but this occurred in the hoplophobic UK, and guns as a viable self-defense tool in England are so far off the radar at this point that it isn’t even worth discussing. The connection to knives comes in the fact that the heroine of our story stabbed her attacker with the only thing at her disposal, her keys. That and bit him and basically beat the living crap out of him in the process.

From MirrorUK:

“Johnathon Holmes, 35, had followed the young female victim for over a mile before launching his horrendous assault, a court heard.

As he climbed on top of her and pushed his tongue into the woman’s mouth he said: “You’re going to enjoy this”

But the young woman had realised she was being followed in Sheffield city centre and courageously fought off Holmes.

She punched him several times in the stomach, bit his tongue and used her keys as a weapon to stab him in the neck.

Holmes fled the scene near Nuffield Gym on Cemetery Road in the early hours of November 1, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

He was further injured jumping over railings.

Police were able to track him down in just a few hours, the court heard.

The laws against assault and rape failed to deter Mr. Holmes. He was seen stalking women all day on CCTV footage. As we have discussed ad infinitum , knife laws do not deter any criminal thug from carrying a knife in Britain and assaulting someone on the street (though there is no indication that Holmes had a knife in this case). If the law-abiding heroine of our story had not been as physically adept, things could have ended much differently for her. To deny anyone the tools with which to defend themselves is morally reprehensible when the police may be be three hours away.


  1. dph says:

    As he climbed on top of her and pushed his tongue into the woman’s mouth he said: “You’re going to enjoy this”
    I have a feeling that he will hear these same words whispered in his ear many times while he is in prison, except they won’t be pushing their tongue into his mouth.

  2. Spencer says:

    At some point countries experiencing continual outbreaks of criminal violence will have to grapple with allowing its citizens to be armed. Yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernadino, California, is yet another example of why in today’s world numbers of unarmed people in a confined space are easy targets and need to be able to protect themselves. Right now the authorities are struggling with how to explain this slaughter to the public, though early indications suggest it may be an Islamic jihadist attack.

    1. There is no reason that it can’t be both workplace violence and an act of jihad. The Nebraska beheading was both.

      1. AW1Ed says:

        Except the attack didn’t happen at the workplace. It happened at a Christmas party.

  3. Andrew says:

    I think that authorities should reconsider the laws and adapt them to the reality of the streets.

    This world is becoming more inscure every day…

  4. Spencer says:

    This is off somewhat off topic, but I sense an opening anyway, so here it is:

    A thorough and coherent analysis of the mess America has created in the Middle East is way too complex a subject for anyone to fully explain here, but there are some uncomfortable issues Americans need to ponder:

    1. Following the 9-11 attacks, a halfwit president and his deranged chicken hawk v.p. patently lied about Iraq’s alleged threats to the West and led us into an unnecessary war in that country.
    2. The war in Iraq attracted al-qaeda terrorists, and in conjunction with our botched military efforts in Afghanistan, led to much needless mayhem and political instability in the Middle East.
    3. Iraq now is virtually a failed state and a major threat to the stability of rest of the Middle East, and by extension the West. Presently Syria is hardly in better condition than Iraq.
    4. Despite our shallow claims of wanting to bring democracy to the Middle East, our real reasons for military intervention appear to be seizing oil in that region and enriching our military-industrial complex.
    5.The longstanding contentious conflicts between religious sects and tribes in the Middle East (as well as much of Africa) suggest that only autocratic governments can keep the disparate factions in check. Democracy will not function there.
    6. With an American foreign policy predicated on military intervention and chaos, our enemies abroad will continue to multiply. They will assuredly seek vengeance on us.
    7. Because of the issues mentioned above, the War on Terror may be an endless war, one that can never be won.

    1. Sam L. says:

      What oil have we seized?

  5. Spencer says:

    To my knowledge no oil has been seized yet by America, apparently because our country has made such a hash out of certain areas in the Middle East–it’s probably too dangerous for us to extract the oil. On the other hand, media reports indicate Islamic State has seized lots of oil fields and refineries in Iraq and is using that natural resource to fund its terrorism. Oops.

    1. The low gas prices are not a function of our controlling the oil. They are a function of our Saudi “allies” trying to stick it to Iran and Small US producers.

  6. Spencer says:

    Agree that current oil prices seem to be a result of the Saudis trying to end outside competition, especially U.S. domestic oil production.

  7. samuraichatter says:

    On another note . . .

    If you happened to reside in the UK, and you wanted to stay legal, then a short sword makes for an awesome weapon in the right hands. Just don’t have the flu, be injured, elderly, or in anyway unable to wield it in less than great fashion.

    The reason the crossbow beat out almost everything else in the late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance was because of its ease of use and stored energy (would not be a bad choice in areas where firearms are banned). Firearms do that today but much greater ease of use and much more stored energy. But in lieu of that a foot to a foot & a half of steel can do wonders on an attacker.

    1. Or wear a kilt. There is an exemption for dirks and skein dubhs if you are in traditional Highland dress.

      1. which reminds me I should do a “Know your knives” post on the Skein dubh.

        1. Sam L. says:

          Especially for those of Scots heritage, no matter how little.

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Should have been a Defensive Knife Use

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