Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine September 2017 Issue

Last month we featured the cover and Table of Contents for the August edition of Knife Magazine. We are going to do this on a monthly basis, both because we want to help Publisher Mark Zalesky and his high-quality print publication boost their online exposure but also because I think at least some of you might find it interesting.

Mark mentioned in his email to me that he has begun the process of developing a website, the scope of which remains unclear.

To subscribe to the print edition of Knife Magazine, you can do so at

No, “Intrenching” is not a misprint. I learned upon asking Mark that it is the government spelling of the tool at the time it was made. I haven’t yet read the article, but I have heard infantry veterans swear by the sharpened edge of an “entrenching” tool as a melee weapon.


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Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine September 2017 Issue

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