Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine May 2018 issue

Knife Magazine May 2018

I am back home for all of 18 hours before I head back out for a Cub Scout overnight with my son. I have been largely incommunicado for the past 3 days as I was chaperoning my daughter’s 3rd grade camping trip. I actually had a great time, as I have known several of the parents (and kids) for several years now, but I am whooped. I wanted to thank David Andersen for holding things down for the past few days, and David W. for the piece he dropped in the queue for tomorrow. It is nice to have backup when you need it.

I haven’t received my dead tree copy of Knife Magazine’s May 2018 issue yet so my preview email from publisher Mark Zalesky is a sneak peek for me as well. However, Mark brought a set of the Tiffany knives to one of our Friday lunches, and I had a chance to check them out.

The knives are nice, but the blades themselves are not much different than the standard production set. What sets them apart is the Tiffany markings and “furniture” which is nicer than a more pedestrian version. It is what a fashionable gentleman would have had his Porter carry for him on a hunting trip.

As I mentioned, I haven’t actually yet read the article. I am sure that there is much more of a backstory than my above snark-shot, and I look forward to reading it when it shows up in my mailbox soon.

You can subscribe to Knife Magazine, which is only available in paper-copy here.

Here is what else you will find in this month’s issue.



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Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine May 2018 issue

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