Social Media Roundup: The Knives of SHOT Show 2018

knives of shot show

I have a bunch more press release type posts I am working on getting out, but I wanted to shake things up a little. As we have discussed, SHOT Show has eclipsed BLADE Show when it comes to the production knife companies. Companies like Gerber, Leatherman, Cold Steel, and others have skipped BLADE entirely the past few years. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this trend continues in the coming years.

Hopefully I can make it to SHOT next year. I have been arguing my case, but obviously SHOT is first and foremost a firearms show, and TTAG only has so many resources to dedicate to covering it themselves. So for now I am on the outside looking in, but I thought it would be fun to compile some of the social media postings on the knives of SHOT Show 2018.

The biggest announcement coming from Benchmade is the launch of the 15200 Altitude knife. They held a live web-program from the show.

Buck Knives:

We posted the release about Buck’s new partnership with Big Green yesterday. Here is a quick booth visit from YouTuber 2brothersadventures:



I am still looking for some press material from Kershaw and ZT, but BladeHQ has their videos up already:





We brought you Hogue’s press release about their partnership with H&K for a new series of knives. They have other new knives this year, as Neil Hogue will describe…



I have more to get to, but I literally spent 3 hours tonight at the emergency vet clinic with an injured Guinea Pig (he is going to be ok). I need to head to bed. I will post more in the morning.

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Social Media Roundup: The Knives of SHOT Show 2018

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