Spree stabbing at Chinese secondary school kills 7

China Mass Stabbing

B.b.b.but guns…or something. Seems like draconian restrictions on firearms do not prevent mass killing. Again. Still. This time in China (Again. Still), a 28 year old former student returned to the school in Shaanxi Province and began stabbing students as they departed for home.

From BBC:

Their preliminary assessment is that he was motivated to take revenge because he was bullied in his third year (where students are typically aged 13-14), the BBC’s Stephen McDonell reports.

Police say the dead are five girls and two boys.

Photos on social media show several young students lying on the ground, surrounded by shocked onlookers.

The attack happened at the school at around 18:10 local time (10:10 GMT), a local government statement says.

Islamist (Uigher) terrorism (often) or mental illness (often) as the root of spree killings. It is almost like the tool used matters not at all.




  1. Ourorboros says:

    Must both sides of the gun debate misrepresent each other. At best it lacks integrity.
    Gun control advocates have never said gun control stops all mass killings. Just like outlawing abortion doesn’t stop abortion or a wall stops illegal immigration.

    This kid is in for a world of hurt. The government likes trials with a classic moral structure. Seems like one of the more unpleasant prison systems in the industrialized world.

    1. cmeat says:

      the beauty is how one side needn’t misrepresent the other. facts can be funny that way.
      the left has stated repeatedly that they want all guns removed from the hands of subjects.
      you are correct that prohibition has never worked. sort of like the serpent swallowing his own tail.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Moral of the story: Be nice to each other. Your life may depend upon it.

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Spree stabbing at Chinese secondary school kills 7

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