Spree Stabbing in Indianapolis leaves 4 wounded, 2 critically

Indianapolis spree stabbing

An Indianapolis man has been charged with 3 counts of Felony Battery with a Deadly Weapon after he wounded 3 people, 2 critically. It is believed that the perp, who also wounded himself in the process, suffers from mental illness. The attack took place outside the Indianapolis Central Library.

From IndyStar.com

The three victims all suffered “severe lacerations,” according to an IMPD report but their updated conditions were not immediately available. Two were sent to the hospital Saturday in critical condition, fire officials said.

The victims were identified by police as: James Anderson, Jr., 26, address unknown; Edward Lee Atkins, 26, address unknown; and Johnny Gilson, 46, address unknown.

Taylor George said she was hanging out with a group of family and friends, enjoying the sunny day, when the man rode up on a bicycle, got off and began playing a siren on a bullhorn. George said she and a female friend asked him to stop. She said the friend has epilepsy and worried the noise would trigger a seizure.

George said no one in the group knew the man, but they had seen him around Downtown before.

“He’s down here a lot,” George said, “and down at the Damien Center. He has been down here before with the bullhorn, but usually he uses it (to talk.)

The man, George said, immediately pulled out a knife and tried to stab her and her friend. George, who is pregnant, said the blade came within inches of her stomach. As the two dodged the man, George said, he threw his bike at them and other members in the group.

“He pulled his knife out of his pocket and when he couldn’t get us with the knife,” George said, “he threw his bike at us. And that’s when my family members and friends tried to stop him.”

She said four men in her group rushed the suspect. One of her friends was stabbed in the stomach and two in their arms, she said. The suspect, she said, stabbed himself in the abdomen accidentally as the men fended off his blows. After the fight, another member of the group, she said, held the suspect until police arrived.

“I was really scared,” George said. “I thought I was going to get stabbed.”

This was Indiana. It really should have been a defensive gun use.

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Spree Stabbing in Indianapolis leaves 4 wounded, 2 critically

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