Spyderco 2018 Product Guide is now online

Spyderco 2018 Product Guide

The Spyderco 2018 Product Guide is now online. Y’all might want to check it out.

From Spyderco (via Ammoland):

It’s here and we’re happy to tell you about it. Spyderco is pleased to announce the launch of our 2018 Product Guide.

2018 Spyderco Knives Product Guide

This catalog reflects the growth and manufacturing progression Spyderco experienced in 2017. It is 180-pages, filled with forty-plus new releases, peppered amongst our signature and classic models.

We offer a digital and a print version for viewing Spyderco knives in one condensed location.

I cannot say the “entire” product line is showcased here because, as we did in 2017, we are innovating ardently and you can anticipate ongoing new product releases during 2018. What can we say? 2017 was an industrious year for Spyderco and we are committed to maintaining this same blistering pace during 2018.

Share your comments and which is your favorite below.

About Spyderco

Over thirty years ago, Spyderco pioneered the modern folding knife, introducing now-common features like the pocket clip, serrated edge and one-handed opening capability. Those innovations revolutionized the pocketknife and changed the knife industry forever. Today, that creative spirit and an uncompromising commitment to quality are still the heart of Spyderco’s distinctive product line, which includes a full range of folding knives, fixed-blades, sharpeners and other accessories. Our OpFocus products–specialized tools intended for duty-bound personnel and first responders—and our economical byrd line further expand our spectrum of products to include something for every knife user. Those Who Know Carry Spyderco.



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Spyderco 2018 Product Guide is now online

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