Spyderco/ Kahr Arms Delica: Why?

Image courtesy Kahr Arms

Today during my normal browsing of the ‘just added’ section of Blade HQ, I noticed that the Spyderco/ Kahr Arms Delicas were out. Then I saw the price: $99. WHAT??? I thought I’d check the specs to see if they happened to change the steel, which might have justified the price increase over a standard Delica.

Nope. VG-10. Not a bad steel, but you can grab a standard Delica for about $60. So you’re essentially getting a smaller blade for $40 more. I figured the Kahr branding would involve a slight increase, but this is just ludicrous. And I love the Delica/Endura series…


  1. NavyRetGold says:

    To some degree I’m a fan of Kahr Arms, many days choosing a Kahr K9 as my concealed carry. I would have been interested in a Kahr branded blade, had it made a little more sense. The blade steel is good but almost every other aspect of the knife is a no-go. Plastic handles, lock back, short blade with a hole in it, no assist, high price… For me, there is no appeal.

    1. Nathan says:

      I know you have what you like in a knife, but as someone who would otherwise consider getting one, the $40 mark-up for a little bit of branding is just ridiculous

      1. As a general rule I would stay away from gun branded knives, but I can’t be too critical. My EDC is a Mini-Griptilian that carries branding from the Orvis Company.


        It carries a $30 markup ($129 vs, $89) but I am an Orvis Endorsed fishing guide, and the logo is their update for use with the extremely high-end Helios 2 fly rods. IMHO it looks pretty cool.

        The Helios 2 rods are state-of-the-art, and carry a price tag just shy of $800. Pairing with an excellent Benchmade knife is a worthy combination.

    2. RCH024 says:

      I know everyone has their own opinions about what makes a knife useful, but I firmly believe that different tasks call for different tools. Some knives are meant to be taken into the wild, some used for self defense, and some are meant to open boxes and packages. I personally have many knives that I rotate in my edc as needed for the expected tasks of the day. For days when I’m just going to be in the office and around town, I choose my Delica.

      The way the Delica 4 FFG (and the Endura) is put together shows just how thought out the knife design is. FRN (plastic) handles may look or feel “cheap” to some, but the bi-directional grips and functional jimping on the blade help you to get lots of grip on the knife. The handle has wonderful ergonomics, and just feels right when you hold it. It also has nested steel liners which have been milled out to offer great strength without compromising weight. The blade is short (which makes it legal/unimposing in less free jurisdictions), but it is wicked sharp and works well for many everyday tasks. The FFG blade doesn’t have the strength of other blade designs but boy does it cut well. The blade design also makes it easy to sharpen on guided sharpening systems (if that’s what you use it makes a HUGE difference). The spydie hole takes some getting used to, it’s definitely no Axis Lock, but lockup is solid with no blade play. It opens and closes with one hand, which is a must for me.

      The knife has plenty of limitations, but it wasn’t meant as a hard use or a “tacti-cool” folder. So long as you’re not in the wilderness on a daily basis or using it as a prybar/screwdriver, it will work wonders. Many days I carry it over my much nicer (and much more expensive) Benchmades. It fills a niche, but it does it extremely well. Of course, your needs/mileage may vary…

  2. billdeserthills says:

    Well that all just sounds like crazy talk, how is the CEO supposed to make 30mil with you complainers around

  3. Mark says:

    To me, buying a little knife with one blade for $60 is ridiculous. I’m carrying a Bad Dog congress knife right not that cost $15. It has four blades. I sharped all four of them a couple of months ago. I use the two largest blades almost every day. Those are just getting to the point now where they can use a touch up. The knife’s made in China. But, the blades are made from “German Stainless” steel (whatever that is, 420?) The thing has the longest-lasting edge I’ve found so far. $15.

  4. When it comes to the knives that should open quickly and easily then assisted opening knives can’t beat anyone. So I know the price should not be the concerned but $99 is too much. I have dragon fang knife and it is quite reasonable.

    1. Nathan says:

      A well-balanced manual action or flipper can actually be just as fast or faster than A/O and autos

  5. Jedi says:

    Slight suspicion it’s MBC guys buying them up, since itls actually really hard to find knives fitted to that style, especially knives that can also function as regular utility knives (take your Be-Wharned out of your pocket in the office to open an invoice and see what happens).
    It’s effectively a Michael Janich custom Delica for $95. Bargain.

  6. Dustin S says:

    Before those of you who are putting down a knife, please research what the intended purpose of thie specific knife is. I will give you a hint… look into Martial Blade Concepts and the way they use pocket knives with short blades for Self-Defense. Is it expensive, yes… but the functions are spec-on for what it was designed for… IMHO

  7. MonTex says:

    I have several delicas(Emerson open/wave, salt 1, standard delica, and this new Kahr version). My favorite of all is this new Kahr version in denim blue and the Salt 1. It’s a very functional and practical edc with the capability to do some serious damage to anyone causing serious trouble.

  8. usmcvet0331 says:

    The knife was designed to comply with blade length restrictions.

  9. stew says:

    The normal Delica is a wonderful everyday carry knife, but it isn’t an everyWHERE carry knife. A 2.5 inch blade allows the Kahr to be carried in federal installations while the full size handle offers comfort and control. Genius!

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Spyderco/ Kahr Arms Delica: Why?

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