“Spydercollector” shows new Spyderco prototypes from Amsterdam Meet-and-Greet

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Spydercollector copyrights his photos, and since it is his livelihood comes from them, you will need to visit his site to see them.

In the world of niche blogs, perhaps none transcends the genre more than Spydercollector. It is one thing for a manufacturer to run a discussion board that has become its own community, Spyderco has one of its own. It is another thing entirely for a fan-run site to become a more comprehensive resource in many ways than a company’s own website. It takes focused-geekdom to an entirely new level, and the knife community is better off for it.

When I came across the teaser a couple of weeks ago that he would be releasing authorized pictures of the new Spyderco prototypes from last month’s Spyderco Meet-and-Greet in Amsterdam again this year, I actually set a reminder in my phone. I knew I would want to share it with you.

From Spydercollector.wordpress.com:

“I’ll try not to gloat too much, but the meet was just as spectacular as it was last year. I counted around 70 new designs that Eric brought with him to the meet. From the prototype-filled table, I can publish images of about 25 knives. I took over 2,900 photos, I am an amateur after all and I only get one chance at these knives. With Ted’s help I was able to collect not only photographs, but all sorts of measurements too. I also brought a scale this year, so we got some weights for the new prototypes as well.”

…I felt the 2016 Meet was a great success, thanks to Eric, Kelly, Joyce, Jur, Ted, Martien, Nemo and the rest of the Spydercrew back in Golden. They all contributed to a great event! I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be there and take some pictures and notes that I can share. Each meet is a very special event and I sincerely appreciate this opportunity to see the prototypes and to discuss them with the Spydercrew and fellow knifeknuts. Eric loves feedback, so don’t be shy to comment on the designs I can show you in this thread.

Eric shared a lot of information and background stories for each design. And Ted was a great help in collecting measurements and weights. Any mistakes in these descriptions are mine. If you attended the meet and picked up some other information on this and the other prototypes in this thread, please add that information to this thread.”

Among the new prototypes are a titanium scaled Byrd Cara Cara 2, the original of which won “Import Knife of the Year” at last year’s Blade Show, and a reissue of the Knives Illustrated 2003 Knife of the Year, the ATR (At The Ready). This new incarnation features G-10 scales, which are an upgrade from the originals.

Visit Spydercollector to see what he has released so far, and stay tuned, there should be more. I have dropped him an email for permission to post a few of his pictures, but you really should check out his site regardless.

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“Spydercollector” shows new Spyderco prototypes from Amsterdam Meet-and-Greet

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