Stabbing at Miami art show mistaken for “performance-art”


Paramedics transported the victim to the hospital

Does life imitate art? or does art imitate life? Confounding this timeless debate is a Sunday stabbing at an art show in Miami.


“Witnesses to a knife attack at a Miami art show thought they were witnessing a piece of performance art.

The incident took place at Art Basel Miami Beach, a high profile event running from December 3 to 6. According to an arrest report, the female assailant had been following her victim around the Freedman Fitzpatrick Gallery on Saturday morning, purposely bumping into her several times.

When the victim then confronted the woman, the attacker stabbed her in the arms and neck with an X-Acto craft knife.

Grisly pictures of the bloody aftermath were posted to social media shortly after the attack, although the victim’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

According to an arrest report, alleged attacker Siyuan Zhao spontaneously stated to police, as they were patting her down: “I had to kill her and two more … I had to watch her bleed.”

I can almost understand how this can happen. Things unfold quickly, and the mind is easily convinced that the incomprehensible is not in fact happening until it is too late.

Condition Yellow folks. Especially when in large public gatherings.


  1. borg says:

    Since art is subjective some deranged people might consider carving another living person with blood everywhere a form of art. In the same vein artist Vincent Castiglia paints with blood.

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Stabbing at Miami art show mistaken for “performance-art”

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