Storm Chaser attacked by knife-wielding man after Dallas tornadoes


An unidentified man is reportedly in custody following the incident

Storm Chasers like Jeff Piotrowski assume a great deal of risk in their quest to locate and film storms. That being said, fending off knife-wielding maniacs is not likely among their top 10 prepared-for hazards. That is what happened when Jeff was on scene following the Dallas tornadoes this week. And the whole thing was caught on his Periscope broadcast.

(video below the jump)

From NY Daily News:

“As Piotrowski was driving back to Dallas, he spotted the unidentified man dashing in and out of traffic in the distance along Highway 78 near Farmersville. The young man was drenched by a downpour that followed the tornadoes.

“I gotta go back and help that guy,” Piotrowski said to himself during the 8:30 p.m. encounter he live-streamed. “It looked like he was injured.”

Piotrowski says he did not see any blood on the man’s face or body and now questions the man’s state of mind and motivations in confronting drivers along the remote stretch.

“He was making a dead heat run for me in the road,” Piotrowski recalled. “He was right on the hood in seconds. I slammed on the brakes.”

The soon-to-be attacker approached Piotrowski’s open driver-side window, buta video of the attack shows the suspect was unable to muster any words.

“Are you hurt, are you OK? Can you talk to me,” Piotrowski asked the man, noting police officers and firefighters were nearby.

 “I need an attorney,” the man finally replied.The suspect then lunged into the vehicle, grabbed his throat and brandished a knife, Piotrowski said, though that moment in the video is visually too dark to corroborate. An apparent struggle is heard in the video.

Piotrowski said he stepped on the gas and took off with the suspect still hanging on to the truck.

“This is some b——-,” the suspect is heard saying before falling off the truck as Piotrowski swerved.

Incidents like this are doubly unfortunate because it makes folks less likely to stop and help others in need. But they do serve as a reminder to always be on one’s guard if you are they type who would stop and help even if there are implied risks to such a course of action. Humans can be more unpredictable than tornadoes.

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Storm Chaser attacked by knife-wielding man after Dallas tornadoes

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