Sunday Funnies: Know your knives (and more)

Thank you to knifemaker James Terrio for sharing the above one with me. Personally, I like a soup thick enough to be cut with a knife. I might need to pick one of those up.

I am exhausted after 3 straight nights of writing about the Microtech/KAI/Everyday Commentary lawsuits. Plus I guided a full-day trip today (My 11 year old client absolutely crushed it today, catching more than a dozen fish, his Grandfather did fairly well too). So please excuse my phoning it in tonight. Stick a spork in me…I’m done.

The video clip below is at the upper length limit of what I will share of copyrighted content, but it has been up for more than a year an a half on YouTube without being flagged, so I am going to let it slide. I used to watch The Simpsons religiously in college, but haven’t in years. So I completely missed this clip.

Have a great Sunday folks. If I can squeeze in another post today, I will attempt to do so.

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Sunday Funnies: Know your knives (and more)

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