Sunday Funny: Ban This! Edition

The comic above was shared with me by a reader, about an hour prior to its being shared on Facebook by Knife Rights. Some of you might have already seen it, but I wanted to save it for our Sunday Funny.

Thankfully, there is not actually an imminent Federal ban on knives. In fact, thanks to the hard work of so many dedicated people, the peoples’ natural right to carry the knife of their choice is being restored in state after state. Most recently, switchblade legalization has been signed by the Governors of Colorado and Michigan. Texans can carry the iconic Bowie knife for the first time in decades (swords too!). Georgia has upped its blade length limit to 12″ from 5″. And there are many more.

Source: Knife Rights

Have a great Sunday folks.

I am adding this pic both because it is topical and funny.

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Sunday Funny: Ban This! Edition

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