Sunday Funny Caption This: Upgrade your unit


From the Sid Meier Civilization Facebook Page: “When you reach the modern era and forgot to upgrade that one unit”.

In last week’s Sunday Funny, I mentioned that Sid Meier’s Civilization is more my speed than Grand Theft Auto. I have no idea how many hundreds of hours I have spent on the series since the original came out when I was in Jr. High. It is not a fast and flashy game, rather it is like Risk meets SimCity, with a whole lot more depth tossed in.

For those who haven’t played the game, your various unit types (Infantry, Cavalry, etc) can be upgraded as your civilization develops better technology. Sometimes you forget or lack the money to upgrade, which can lead to a situation like you see above. It made me laugh, and I knew I had my Sunday Funny when it crossed my Facebook feed earlier this week.

Can you top the Civilization caption? Fire away.
Are you a fan of the game?

A couple of bonus memes for those who made the jump


these aren’t the Rebels you are looking for.




  1. samuraichatter says:

    Another Sid Meier game was Pirates for Nintendo. As you played the game, the years in the game advanced. My friends and I played it so long we were well into the 20th century (sailing ships and all) before we quit.

    . . . And retro-future plus technology disparities is one the big factors that made the Star Wars franchise tick. Ditto for Dune. Dudes w/ energy weapons riding tontons. Saber fights on a starship.

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Sunday Funny Caption This: Upgrade your unit

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