Sunday Funny: Don’t cry in the kitchen (and a disclosure about a gifted set of knives)

Not much commentary on the above.  I just found it funny. But it also gives me a good segue into a disclosure about the set of knives that Ethan Becker gave me when I visited him on Thursday.

As is our practice at TTAK, we try to always inform you the reader of how we acquire any knives that we test – whether they are loaners, gifts, or purchased privately. This allows you to account for any potential bias or conflict of interest in our reviews.

I had mentioned to Ethan that my wife doesn’t like using a chef’s knife, and that she dices tomatoes with a paring knife. She is pretty efficient at it, but there are better tools for the job.


Ethan asked if I had tried his kitchen knives. When I mentioned that I had not, he went to his office and presented me with a brand new 4 piece set. A couple of years back he had partnered with ESEE to produce the Ethan Becker Signature Cooking Knives. The set includes a 7″ Santuko, 6 3/4″ Chef’s, 5 3/4″ Santuko, and a 6″ Utility/Paring knife. They are currently discontinued, but show up on Ebay from time to time. They were made in Taiwan from German DIN 1.4116 steel, which according to the Zvisoft app is functionally identical to X50CrMoV15 of my Wusthofs. According to ESEE Ethan’s set is hardened to 55-57HRC which is slightly higher than most consumer-grade knives from said steel.

We broke them out tonight for the first time. The knives feel light and responsive, with comfortable rubber-coated handles. I peeled and sliced an apple with the paring knife, to fantastic results. My wife tried the 5 3/4″ Santuko on a tomato and found it easy enough that she will try it again. Trust me, this is high praise from her. She doesn’t change tools when she finds something she likes.


For what it is worth, these knives are what Ethan uses in his own kitchen, I witnessed this firsthand when he made lunch the other day.


  1. Gordon says:

    My wife also finds my large chef’s knife too difficult to use (although a female chef I know loves using my knife). She has been using a smaller version. I’ll show this to her.

  2. AndyT says:

    I have those same exact paper plates. That’s freaky to me for some reason

    1. Lol. We must have a psychic connection. Or both shop at Sams Club.

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Sunday Funny: Don’t cry in the kitchen (and a disclosure about a gifted set of knives)

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