Sunday Funny: Fool-Proof Turkey

I found this on Thursday, and knew I found the perfect Sunday Funny for Thanksgiving Week. I had saved it on Facebook and then when I went looking for it this evening it had vanished. It took a bit of searching on YouTube, but I found it. Anytime an axe is used in food preparation, I am on-board.

And then there is this:




Just a reminder to please send me any Black Friday (or pre-Black Friday) knife deals you come across. I am compiling what I hope will be the best all-in-one list on the interwebs and would appreciate any help in that endeavor.

Thanks. Have a great Sunday folks.


  1. Sam L. says:

    To go with your Cthurkey, you need (NEED) ….Piecaken! See this:
    (You’ll never be the same again.)

  2. Sam L. says:

    I missed the Turkey vid earlier; it’s a HOOT!

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Sunday Funny: Fool-Proof Turkey

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