Sunday Funny: Get off your damn phone!


WWII British Commando Stan W. Scott didn’t face sentries distracted by smart phones. He would approve of the neck stab but the cartoon neglects the coup-de-gras. In the post linked above, Scott describes that after stabbing a sentry in the side of the neck, you want to punch forward, using your Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife to rip out the windpipe and jugular.

In truth, cell phones and portable video devices have led to some wonderful footage of jihadi fails.


In a completely unrelated vein, you gotta love Moe…


Not the first time Moe has shown up in a knife funny…(I know, I have used it before)


Have a great Sunday folks.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Two wives = two mothers-in-law.

    I like the stab while texting illo.

  2. Elcas says:

    Coup de grâce
    Know your french

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Sunday Funny: Get off your damn phone!

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