Sunday Funny: Hey…Squirrel!

Nothing good can come from arming squirrels. Don’t even think about it.

Nothing too profound for this week’s Sunday Funny, but I found both of these funny. Both are guaranteed to trigger our hoplophobic friends.

Have a great Sunday Folks.


  1. Sam L. says:

    These be cute! I likes them.

  2. Yep,…squirrels are kinda cute,…and in my younger days I found them tasty too. However, as I’ve aged (I’m 61 now), I haven’t the inclination to hunt them any more,…and NOW my softened heart costs me about $1,500.00 or so each year! But I find it worthwhile and relaxing to relieve the daily stresses we all have……

    Each morning I spend about an hour feeding the 12-15 squirrels and several chipmonks, as well as bluejays and many other birds that eat the pecans, almonds, and if I’m short that week the cheaper peanuts. I go thru about 3-5 pounds of nuts, and about 10 pounds of regular birdseed each week.

    The squirrels come right up to my feet, and are comfortable eating within a yard or two from me. One will sometimes take a nut from my hand, as I reach out off my back steps to him walking down the shed roof to meet me. 🙂

    Oh,…I SWEAR they all have a little “pot belly” too,…. more noticeable in the winter as they try to store some “extra” body fat and are less active generally. Maybe I should try to train them to do sit up’s HA! 🙂

    Joe T
    Ti Rod Tactical

  3. cmeat says:

    my pin oaks are starting to drop their acorns. soon i’ll be loading them into my slingshot and sending them in the general direction of the adorable little tree rats far overhead. sometimes the nut ripping through the canopy causes them to misjudge a leap.
    i’m still laughing from last year.

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Sunday Funny: Hey…Squirrel!

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