Sunday Funny: Motivated-workout Edition


I hate running. I am frankly not the biggest fan of working out in general. The thing I like about Krav Maga is that I am going to class to learn something, and just happen to get the most intense workout I have done since I played college lacrosse. (link is the photo album from our Yellow belt test – I am in about a dozen of the pictures) After about 8 months I can say I am definitely in better shape than I was in my mid-20’s, and by the time I test for my orange belt sometime this fall I expect I will likely be in the best shape of my life. Not bad for 40 years old.

But running still sucks. However, my 7 year-old daughter would like to run cross-country at school next year. It is the first sport that the school gives students the opportunity to participate in. Thing 1 has never taken much of a shine to soccer, baseball, or even her Kids-Krav classes. But with her long legs and bounding, gazelle-like strides, she is a natural runner. So in the interest of being a good dad, I am going to take up running – at least a little bit. I am not looking forward to it. But a dad’s got to do what a dad’s got to do. My daughter is a greater motivation than a bloody, knife-wielding clown could ever be.


Happy Father’s Day to dads, and to those who fill that role for children without them.


  1. Sam L. says:

    You’re a good man, Charlie…Clay.

  2. cmeat says:

    not what you meant, but my teen girl is more terrifying than any knife wielding clown.

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Sunday Funny: Motivated-workout Edition

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