Sunday Funny: Steroid Stiletto (Caption this video)

I didn’t see this one in KnifePlanet’s 34 Traditional Italian Pocketknives post. Maybe they need bigger pockets.

For those who live in states without blade-length restrictions and where autos are legal  (Thanks Knife Rights!) should run out and queue up for this fine Italian folding pocket-sword. Only slightly bigger than a Will Wood’s Titan II.

Give us a caption in the comments. Best caption wins a Worksharp hat and some stickers.



  1. cmeat says:

    “it cuts through schools.”

    and giant pink bunnies.

  2. Ed says:

    That blade just might be long enough to reach Rosie Odonell in a vital….

  3. Pat Carver says:

    That’s not a k… Nope, can’t bring myself to do it.

  4. Sam L. says:

    HEY! That ain’t no POCKETKNIFE.

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Sunday Funny: Steroid Stiletto (Caption this video)

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