Sunday Funny (?): The Ultimate Paper-Cut

Paper-cuts suck. A paper cut from an angle grinder would suck even worse. The videos above and below come from the Mr. Hacker YouTube Channel, and they are pretty impressive. Make the jump to see how the paper blade fares against a Nokia 3310, an old-school brick-style cell phone.

From Nerdist:

The circular blade is made pretty simply; As they explained in a previous video, it’s just a few pieces of paper held together by a common glue stuck and cut to size. From there, it’s fitted onto a power saw, and it turns out that it can cause some real damage. It seems to have no problem cutting through raw meat, ice, a coconut, and other things that would surprise you. The real question is how well the paper blade holds up to the ultimate measure of durability: The Nokia 3310 cell phone, commonly regarded as one of the most indestructible objects even made by man.

It turns out that while the blade doesn’t seem able to make a clean cut through the entirety of the phone, it’s still perfectly capable of dismantling the thing down to its core components. This should be seen as a demonstration of the toughness of both the phone and the blade, though. Let’s remember that this blade is just a few pieces of printer paper glued together, but even though it has surprising cutting power, the 3310 is just too tough to handle.


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Sunday Funny (?): The Ultimate Paper-Cut

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