Survival Saturday: Alone is more than just knives you know…

David’s recent piece on the Knives of History’s Alone Season 3, continues to make the rounds of the knife/prepper/survival segment of the blogosphere. One prominent site that picked it up was More Than Just Surviving, a blog run by our friends Thomas and Elise Xavier. They featured David’s piece as a key component of their post: History Channel’s “Alone” Survival Gear Lists- Season 3, as well as giving TTAK a really generous plug. It is definitely worth checking out if you want to know what sleeping bags, saws, and other essential tools the contestants are packing this season.

Please return the favor and pay them a visit if you are so inclined. They cover all aspects of the prepping lifestyle, from gear reviews, how-to’s, and my favorite : Elise’s wonderfully compiled lists – an invaluable resource for those who don’t even know where to begin. There is even an excellent List of Lists.

I won’t ninja their entire post, but I will give you an example. I am choosing contestant Callie North, since she did us solid of paying a visit and commenting on David’s piece.

From MTJS:


  1. Knife: Bone-handled 1095 Customcallie-north-history-alone-season-3*Check out TTAK article for more infoHandmade, 1095 carbon steel, bone handle, with silver & abalone inlay

  2. SawFolding long-handled pruning saw

  3. Ferro rod

  4. Sleeping Bag-40°, dry down

  5. Pot2 quart w/ handle

  6. Fishing Line & Hooks25 hooks, 10 lb & 40 lb test

  7. Paracord40 meters

  8. TarpHeavy-duty, handsewn, 40 mil, military-grade

  9. Rations

  10. Rations

Great stuff from a great site.


  1. Elise says:

    Thought I commented on this back when I first saw it, but just now noticed I didn’t!

    Thank you so much for the shout out back :). To be fair, we gave such a generous plug partly because we love you guys and partly because the article was killer ;).

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Survival Saturday: Alone is more than just knives you know…

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