Survival Saturday: Creek Stewart in NYC

When I found these two videos from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze YouTube Channel, it seemed like kismet since I had written about Beck earlier today.

Regarding that… I haven’t seen the video myself, but blogger John Nolte said on Twitter that while the audio does sound like he is targeting Mr. Trump, the in the video he is clearly going after Stu. If true, I stand corrected. That said, I still fear something big going down before or just after the election. I hope I am wrong.

I found these two videos entertaining. They aren’t hard-core survival, and the second one really could anchor a Sunday Funny post. But while somewhat cursory in nature, video one does highlight how it is important to always be aware of your surroundings, and keep a constant inventory of what might be useful around you.

As a side note, I imagine someone as survival minded as Creek must have felt truly naked without one of his typical EDC blades in NYC.


  1. Mike L says:

    Your instinct is right on. On Friday I read that some Middle Eastern guy was arrested by the Secret Service for threatening Trump. I also had read that once the SS had started protection service for Trump they argued for him wearing body armor since he and Ben Carson were receiving extraordinary high number of death threats. Watch DT when on stage and you will see the bulky vest under his white shirts. I also worry that something particularly violent could happen this election cycle.

  2. Roger says:

    The Trump candidacy reminds me a lot of the candidacy of Wallace. A lot of show, not much substance and no one actually believes that they’ll do the things they said they would do. Wallace was shot, so maybe there’s parallel thinking going on here?

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Survival Saturday: Creek Stewart in NYC

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