Survival Saturday: How to prep frog legs

I have eaten most species of freshwater fish. In addition to venison, I have eaten goat, squirrel, rabbit, grouse, dove, pheasant, partridge, duck, and even (farm raised) zebra, ostrich, waterbuck, and alligator. I have never tried froglegs. I have had mountain-oysters before, so it isn’t like there is an icky factor to frog legs that has stopped me. I just haven’t made catching frogs a priority since I did it for fun as a kid.

That said, they are a readily available food source if you want to go out and gig a bunch. I know there are people who have a great deal of fun doing it.

If you manage to come upon a mess of our amphibian-friends, here is what you do.

From HomesteadNotes:

All you need is a cutting board, and a willingness to grab a dead, slimy frog.

You’ll also want kitchen shears, a small, sharp knife, a set of pliers, water to wash the legs, a bowl for the legs and a trashcan nearby.

Start by snipping off the feet. Some people keep the feet on, but I don’t.

Now on to the only hard part in the whole process: Slicing the skin around the frog’s “waist.” This isn’t really that hard, but the skin is very loose and very tough. I use either the kitchen shears or a knife, depending on my mood.

Once you have the skin cut all the way around the frog, the rest is easy. Just take the pliers and grab the loose skin on the frog’s back. Anchor the frog with one hand and yank the skin off with the other. It’s like pulling the frog’s pants down. Ew. I know…

Almost done. Now use the shears to chop the legs off (as a pair) right at the waist.

Chop again to separate the legs. I also trim any organ-y looking bits around the middle of the legs. There you have it! Easy-peasy. Once you get the hang of cleaning frogs, you can do one in a minute or so.

Or there is this video for those who want to watch the acquisition and consumption parts of the equation, this one has some cool GoPro footage.


  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    Lightly bread, salt, pepper, and fry just enough to get them done.

    Very tasty.

  2. cmeat says:

    as good as rabbit or squirrel. almost.
    just make sure to try them before watching “the triplets of belleville.”

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Survival Saturday: How to prep frog legs

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