Survival Saturday: A lemon as a firestarter?

lemon as a firestarter

I know that is a lime, but I figure it would work as well, and it was a chance to show off my T.M. Hunt Leaveit Cleaver. Apparently, this firestarting “hack” is the old potato-clock on steroids. But using a lemon as a firestarter seems to work. I think there was a point in High School where I could have explained the precise physics behind this “hack”, but I probably killed that brain cell in College.

Basically, there is a reaction between the copper, zinc, and acid from the lemon which turns said fruit into a simple battery. Just enough current to ignite the tinder.

I don’t know how often I will be stuck in the woods with copper clips, zinc nails, and a lemon, but if I am I will know what to do.

I have tried the gum-wrapper and AA battery trick. It actually works.



  1. Bob Ellis says:

    Great idea. Love the theatrical hands!

  2. Sam L. says:

    Knew neither of these; did know the 9v battery and steel wool, though.

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Survival Saturday: A lemon as a firestarter?

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