Survival Saturday: MTJS Blogs’s list of survival skills


David makes tinder curls with a Big Chris Custom Knives Hiker (from our Instagram @knifetruth).

When one begins the journey of survival and prepping, the sheer volume of information can be pretty overwhelming. There are the major categories, such as food acquisition or outdoor skills. Within each of these categories there are numerous sub-categories such as tracking, hunting, trapping, and fishing in the former, or firecraft, shelter construction, or navigation in the case of the latter. Obviously some categories will be more or less relevant to an individual’s preparation strategy, but this list of skills from More Than Just Surviving Blog is a great way to begin to organize one’s strengths and areas for future study.

From MTJS Blog:

“Use your intuition as a guide and make note of the skills on this list that you feel are important but that you haven’t yet touched on in your own prepper education. I’m sure no matter how old or young you are, and no matter how long you’ve been a survivalist or prepper, you’ve probably also learned a good number of these as well – so it would be quite easy to cross those off of the list if you’re going to sit down and try to figure out what’s left that you need to work on. Either way, I find it useful to have these kinds of lists around to use as a reference point, and to map out the direction you might want to take with your future endeavors when it comes to learning more that will help you as a prepper or survivalist.”

If you see something on the list that you haven’t learned much about yet, but you feel is easy enough for you to pick up, it might be a good idea to start with teaching yourself that skill first. If you see something that’s somewhat difficult to learn, but that you think would be incredibly important and useful to you in an emergency or survival situation, you should likely put that high up on your to-learn list as well. Use my guide on organizing your prepper to-do list if you run into trouble knowing what to do first. It should help clear up your list considerably.

The to-do list post that Elise links above is excellent as well. A beginning prepper could use these two posts, with perhaps a list of supplies for sheltering-in-place, bug-out, and true SHTF scenarios, and they would have a solid foundation plan for embarking on their survival and preparedness journey. Dare I say that they may help you do “More Than Just Survive”?

What are your areas of Survival/Prepping expertise? In what areas do you need the most work?


  1. Nothing but love for the gang at TTAK and your awesome work, thanks for sharing, appreciate it.

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Survival Saturday: MTJS Blogs’s list of survival skills

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