Survival Saturday: Six knife skills/tasks to help you survive.

None of these 6 are rocket-science, or likely new to most of readers of TTAK. That said, a piece like this one from Backpacker Magazine cannot cross my screen on a Friday evening and not get shared for Survival Saturday.

The 6 skills are:

  • Fuzz Sticks for firestarting
  • Make a spear, with (or preferably without) hafting your knife
  • Carving a bow
  • Gouging out a bowl : bonus points for using it to boil water by transferring hot rocks from the fire
  • Firewood processing
  • Signal mirror

The last one actually hadn’t crossed my mind. I guess it makes sense if you have a polished knife without the typical blade coatings or a layer of patina. Here is what they say to do:

Spit-shine your blade as clean as you can and buff it until it gleams. To aim, create a V with the fingers of your outstretched, non-dominant hand and center your target (aircraft, ground searchers) in the V. Hold the knife close to your chest, playing with angles until you catch the sun. Now, flash the target in the V of your fingers (the V gives you visual confirmation that your effort is working).

Happy Saturday Folks. I am off to take my Orange Belt test in Krav.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Carving a bow is no good unless you can also make a bowstring, or have one, can make and arrow, and can shoot a bow and arrow. The best I can do is launch an arrow downrange…and hit the ground…somewhere.

  2. Long Island Mike says:

    Our ancestors would have had a much tougher row to hoe if not for the atlatl. Would like to see this simple device added to the list, especially since the spear is already there.

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Survival Saturday: Six knife skills/tasks to help you survive.

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