Survival Saturday Video Smorgasbord

It doesn’t surprise me that I ever since announcing Survival Saturday as a feature, I haven’t come across a truly great survival post, but I think I have a 3-pack of items today that will interest and inform.

As I mentioned in my First Edge 5050 Survival knife mini-review, Tim o EverydayTacticalVids received one as well. I was looking at his YouTube channel to see if he had posted any video footage of it. While he hasn’t yet, he did post the above video Friday morning.  So it is as fresh as it gets. He actually has more than 10, since he frequently makes a recommendation such as the Mora Bushcraft but then shows the larger Pathfinder as well for those who might want a different size of a similar knife. He does the same thing with 4 different Condor knives.

I know that watches have fallen out of favor among younger generations. They are more likely to use their phone to check the time. Watches are relegated to fashion accessory more often than not. That said, I feel naked without mine – a Swiss Army Cavalry watch that is the third consecutive one I have owned since high school. It is now discontinued, and when this one kicks I have no idea what I am going to switch to. But rest assured I will not give up wearing one. Until I started taking Krav, I would frequently go a week or more without even removing it.

One of many skills that stuck with me from Scouts was the ability to use an analog watch to find a north-south compass line. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere point your hour hand at the sun (other than noon or 6 o’clock) and draw an imaginary line bisecting the hour hand and the 12 o’clock position on the dial. South is towards the sun, north is opposite the angle made by the 12 and the hour hand. The video explains it well.

I think I am going to try to find a good map and compass skill primer to post in a future Survival Saturday.

Finally, this isn’t a true survival video, but a friend shared this with me and it seems to fit to some degree. In a SHTF scenario the ability to make virtually unlimited cordage has its benefits. This interesting cutter tool has plenty of applications in day to day life, both practical and craft-related.

Hope you all enjoyed these. I am going to be travelling next week, but we have big things planned for the blog. Stay tuned.


  1. Major_Northeast_City says:

    Re: ‘Best survival knives, I wonder if he (in the vid) knows about ‘Survive! Knives’?
    I swear by mine.
    Additionally, I recently purchased the new RMJ Kukri with O.D. green handles/scales, ships in mid April…. sick!!

    Thanks for the vids!

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Survival Saturday Video Smorgasbord

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