Survival Saturday/QoD: Do you have a bug-out bag?

A “bug-out bag” or 72-hour kit is a pre-packed bag that has the survival essentials to get you and your family (ideally each person has their own, scaled appropriately for age and carrying ability). You aren’t going to start a homestead out of this kit, rather it has the essentials if you needed to evacuate your home in a hurry.

Personally, my kit is a mess. I don’t have much pre-packed. Rather I have a camping closet which has most of the items seen in these videos, but it is a disorganized nightmare at the moment. Our prepping plan revolves more around the shelter-in-place model. We have weathered a tornado and managed several week long power outages in the 5 years we have been in our house.

The video above is a very extensive and fairly high-end kit. The 5.11 bag is actually more expensive than the entire kit below the jump which is meant to be a shoestring budget with the entire kit clocking in at $100.

I like the point of view of the second presenter. Not everyone can drop hundreds of dollars on a bag that sits in a closet, hopefully never to be used. Plus he has good taste in knives. He chooses a Mora companion for his kit.

This last video highlights common mistakes people make when assembling their kit, starting with buying the bag before the contents. How do you know what bag is right when you can’t test how to pack it?

Do you have a bug out bag ready to go? If so, what tips do you have for the rest of us?

Have a great weekend folks. Stay safe out there.



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Survival Saturday/QoD: Do you have a bug-out bag?

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