Taiwanese Knife-massage is a trend I am going to skip

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I can appreciate the philosophy and effectiveness behind acupuncture, in my case it postponed a discectomy for the better part of 5 years. That said, I think I am going to skip this 2500 year old Taiwanese practice that is going viral.

From Daily Mail UK:

Knife massages are drawing hard-core spa enthusiasts to have cleavers chopped across their faces and bodies in a bizarre new wellness trend.

The cutting edge craze sees customers ‘relaxing’ as sharpened cleavers are pressed in rhythmic motions all over them – with nothing but a thin piece of material separating their skin from the blade.

Hsiao Mei Fang, the owner of Ancient Art Of Knife Therapy Education Centre, in Taipei, Taiwan, has been performing the strange procedure for more than 13 years.

She said: ‘The treatment is originally from China and is 2500 years old. But here we have created an original new knife therapy.

‘Everything has a Yin and a Yang, so instead of using one knife we use two – this represents the Yin and Yang.’ …

…A man who recently had the treatment said: ‘At first I was so scared because we use knives for cutting chicken and pork meat so I was afraid of being cut like that too.

‘However after I tried a knife massage, I realised it was safe and actually quite comfortable.’

Meat Cleavers as massage implements? What’s next, Samurai haircutting? Oh, wait…


  1. Sam L. says:

    As wise man once said, “Include me out.”

  2. cmeat says:

    and it comes with a not so happy ending.

    i am studying this technique and need volunteers for my practice sessions. mike? george? rahm? barry? mrs. c? i’ll try to remember to use the benchmade practice cleavers…

  3. Sam L. says:

    Posted at 5:03 pm by Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.

    (Please to note that “Posted about 4 hours ago” is inaccurate by 4 hours.)

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Taiwanese Knife-massage is a trend I am going to skip

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