Texans, KnifeRights needs your help



It is go-time for those of you who live or work in the state of Texas. HB 905 now sits before the TX Senate Committee on Criminal Justice. KnifeRights is asking for you to please contact Chairman John Whitmire and ask that he please schedule a hearing to advance Knife Law Preemption in Texas. 

As the Freddie Gray death-in-custody case and others have demonstrated, patchwork laws only lead to confusion. They can lead to unjust and sometimes racially disparate prosecution, and are a waste of taxpayer money and criminal justice resources. All for an act that should not be a crime in the first place – the simple carry of a knife.

Texas has the dubious honor of having two of its cities on the 10-worst anti-knife cities in America, Corpus Christie and San Antonio – where the carry of any lock-blade folding knife is prohibited!

For the full KnifeRights.org press release and contact information for other pertinent legislators , click here.


  1. casenutt says:

    It never surprises me what kind of nonsense Texas legislators often come up with. I will definitely write to anyone in Austin who will listen to me.

  2. Mark says:

    It appears to have been favorably voted out of the Senate committee (7-0) late last night.
    One more hurdle cleared.

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Texans, KnifeRights needs your help

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