Texas Bowie Record certified; Knife Rights Action alert for “Bowie Bill”

It is now official. The town of Bowie, Texas has been certified by Guinness to have the World’s Lagrgest Bowie Knife. This comes as the Texas knife-reform “Bowie Bill” has passed both houses of the legislature and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

From BowieNewsOnline:

The Bowie Chamber of Commerce received its certification this past week, and will celebrate it with a ceremony at the site in Pelham Park at 2 p.m. June 8. The certificate will be unveiled, and refreshments will be served to mark the occasion.
Bryan Brown, co-chair of the Bowie Knife committee, said while the unveiling last April was the biggest highlight so far, the official designation by Guinness puts the final sharp edge on the blade. He looks forward to the next phase as the knife is promoted with its new title.

As mentioned, HB 1935, the Texas knife-reform bill is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Knife Rights has an action alert for Texas, asking folks to contact Governor Abbott’s office.

If you live work or travel in Texas, please call Governor Abbott and simply tell the person who answers the phone that you “respectfully request that the Governor please sign HB 1935.”

The Governor’s phone is 512-463-2000 

HB 1935 eliminates daggers, dirks, stilettos, poniards, swords, spears and most notably, Bowie knives, completely from Texas statute, effectively allowing them to be carried anywhere in the state.

After the tragic University of Texas stabbing, this bill was most certainly dead without the kind of effective advocacy and lobbying skills that comes from Knife Rights’ Director of Legislative Affairs Todd Rathner’s years of experience. Negotiating a bipartisan compromise that kept 95% of the bill intact, Todd spent nearly three weeks in Austin shepherding this bill through to passage.

In order to get the bill moved after the stabbing, the bill was amended to stipulate that knives with blades over 5 1/2 inches are now defined as “location restricted” knives. These knives may be carried all over the state except in a narrow list of places such as schools, colleges, correctional facilities, houses of worship, and bars that derive more than 51% of their income from alcohol sales. Minors are also restricted as to when they can carry these knives. This is an unfortunate amendment, but the alternative would have been to watch the bill die and throw years of work in Texas down the drain. Assuming Governor Abbott signs the bill, it will still be a huge win for knife owners in Texas

This is a perfect example of why your support is so important. Otherwise, Todd could not have spent nearly three weeks in Austin and this bill would have died. It’s that simple. 

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Texas Bowie Record certified; Knife Rights Action alert for “Bowie Bill”

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