Texas Governor Signs Switchblade Ban Repeal! (But Don’t Tool Up Just Yet.)

Switchblades aren’t from Texas, but starting on September 1st, most of Texas wants them anyway. Governor Rick Perry signed HB 1862 on Monday, repealing the Lone Star State’s longstanding ban on automatic knives. It’s not a complete victory for knife enthusiasts, since HB 1862 doesn’t preempt local Texas knife restrictions.

From Knife Rights:

Texas Governor Perry Signs Knife Rights Switchblade Ban Repeal

Texas Governor Rick Perry on Friday signed the Texas Switchblade Ban Repeal bill, HB1862, the culmination of an aggressive lobbying effort by Knife Rights.

This repeal goes into effect on September 1, 2013.  Please note that all other knife restrictions in Texas law, as well as existing local restrictions such as in San Antonio, remain in effect.

HB1862 is the FIFTH Pro-Knife Bill Knife Rights passed this year!

HB1862 is the FOURTH Switchblade/Knife Ban Repeal Knife Rights passed this year!

Knife Rights would like to thank Gov. Perry for signing HB1862 and Representative Harold Dutton and Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa for sponsoring this bill. We would also like to thank Knife Rights volunteer W. Scott Lewis for his tenacious assistance on the ground in Austin.

Thanks also to all of you who called and emailed your legislators in Austin when we asked for support. Those calls and emails make a big difference when we are on the ground lobbying in the Capitol.

Knife Rights will be back in 2015 to fix the rest of Texas knife laws and pass Knife Law Preemption, Knife Rights’ signature knife law reform.


  1. John G. says:

    Any chance we can get a run down on the localities in Texas that are still going to be a no-go with automatic knives like San Antonio? Can’t believe Knife Law Preemption didn’t go through but auto’s did. *Cuss and Grumble*

    1. Yeah, Tennessee is the opposite. We lost on automatics, 4″+ for EDC, but we did get preemption. Go figure.

  2. Ducky says:

    I’m glad I live in AZ. I just discovered that we have no automatic knife bans, and now I’m trying to learn as much as I can about them.

  3. Hanover Fist says:

    This is great news. I always thought an automatic knife made good sense for when you have lost the use of one of your hand (like a car accident, seatbelt cutting scenario).

    Yeah, I know assisted opening knives are available, and nothing against them, but automatics are also freakin cool. I will now be able to carry my little Benchmite Auto without worrying about losing my CHL.

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Texas Governor Signs Switchblade Ban Repeal! (But Don’t Tool Up Just Yet.)

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